Taylors - Brothels
These are the most Frequently Asked Questions. But you are more than welcomed to call us if yours is not there. 

“Do I need to make an appointment?”
No appointment is required, you can come in or drop by any time. However, it is suggested that you do so if you are seeing a regular girl.
“Is your place easy to find?”
Yes, we are right in front of Lidcombe train station, exit from the left, and you can see us from across the road.
“Is there a back door?”
Yes, there is a lane way off Joseph St, which takes you to our car pack, and onto our rear entrance.
“Is the environment and services discreet?”
Absolutely, we will do our best to respect and protect your privacy whether you come to us or we come to you.
“What is full service, and massage?”
If you pay for a full service, it includes sex, oral sex and massage. If you only pay for a massage, you get a body massage and hand job.
“What is double?”
A "double" is literally that you pay for and get to spend quality and exciting time with not one but two girls.