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Sex is good for you

Here are 10 health reasons to ramp up your sex life:
1. Less heart atttacks and strokes
Films often depick men having heart attacks in the throes of passion, yet the estimates of this happening are about one in a million. Research actually shows that having sex several times a week may cut your risk of a heart attack or stroke in half.
"Sex releases feel-good hormones such as dehydroepiandrosterone and oxytocin," says Dr Darren Russell, president of the Australasian Chapter of Sexual Health Medicine.

Size Does Matter

New Reserch into penis size
Women find larger men more attractive
Ideal size still a mystery, however

Life as working girl

Even wondering what the life is like as a working girl in the sex industry. Like most of you, they are real and hard-working persons trying to make a living by giving you the best possible experinece and satisfaction.
Here is a link that you can check out how a modern sex worki leads her high life, but only if you can afford.

Health Benefits of Sex

The perks of sex extend well beyond the bedroom

Being "in the mood" just might help your health.

How does a juicy sex life do a body good? Let's count the ways.

1. Less Stress, Better Blood Pressure

Having sex could lower your stress and your blood pressure.
People who had had intercourse responded better to stress than those who engaged in other sexual behaviours or abstained.

2. Sex Boosts Immunity

Having sex once or twice a week has been linked with higher levels of an antibody called immunoglobulin A, or lgA, which can protect you from getting colds and other infections.

Sex Positions - Tao

FOR THE ANCIENT CHINESE, GOOD SEXequaled good health. A satisfying sex life was said ward off the seven emotional illness of depression, fear, anxiety, selfishness, anger, sadness, and remorse.

The Tao of loving is the oldest known sexual manual in existence, there are as many possible ways to make love as there are people. However, most are variations on the six main Chinese sexual positions. Below are some of them with detailed explanations.

"Butterfly Clings to Branch"
The man approaches his woman from behind and pulls her arched body closely to him.

Penis Size

Want to know what exactly does "average"
size is these days? According to a study, you can compare your penis to the length of a 20-pound banknote or U.S. dollar bill - so 5.8 inches and 6.1 inches, respectively. Quick, go find some cash and compare, or look at the chart here.

Breast Size

Ever wondering woman from which region/area has the largest knockers, and who has the smallest tits. Well, target map has come up with an interesting finding. 

Cup Sizes

Let's face it and admit it, men are obssive with the breasts.
According to the experts, men are 
the only male mammals fascinated 
by breasts in a sexual context. 
Women are the only female mammals 
whose breasts become enlarged at 
puberty, independent of pregnancy. We are also the only species in which males caress, massage and even orally stimulate the female breasts during foreplay and sex.
So breasts are mighty tempting. But what puroses could this possibly serve, and what sizes would they be the right fit?

Sizes - Girls

When you ring up or look up on website, you keep hearing and seeing how the girls are being described in different sizes, even wondering how these all related to and transformed to a real person.
Here are charts to provide you with basic understanding on the size of the girls refered to.