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Sex Positions - Tao

FOR THE ANCIENT CHINESE, GOOD SEX equaled good health. A satisfying sex life was said ward off the seven emotional illness of depression, fear, anxiety, selfishness, anger, sadness, and remorse.

The Tao of loving is the oldest known sexual manual in existence, there are as many possible ways to make love as there are people. However, most are variations on the six main Chinese sexual positions. Below are some of them with detailed explanations.

"Butterfly Clings to Branch"
The man approaches his woman from behind and pulls her arched body closely to him. His left arm encircles her torso, while his right arm helps support the both of them. He then uses the 9 x 10 thrusting sequence from side to side. The woman my also lower herself down and stretch out 

flush with the bed, with her arms outstretched directly in front of her. She can then raise her buttocks and tuck her legs beneath her. With both of these variations, the woman inhales and constricts her vaginal muscles tightly as the man enters, then relaxes her muscles and exhales as he withdraws. If the woman's hair is very long, her partner may gently bundle it in his hand, grasping it firmly yet delicately as he would fine silk. This is a good position when the woman is feeling in a submissive mood and wishes her man to take a more assertive role.

"The Lute String"
The woman places a pillow under the man's buttocks and elevates his pelvis to a comfortable height so that he is "served up" nicely for her to go to work. She can kneel between his knees and fellate him, reaching up to play with his nipples very gently at first, and then getting firmer as the man approaches orgasm. Guaranteed to truly blow his mind!

"The Black Pearl"

This is the yin variation of the "lute string." In this position the woman lies on her back with a small pillow under buttocks. Her lover kneels or lies prone between her legs and takes her clitoris gently in his month, sucking and moving up and down her clitoral shaft with the same rhythmic motions her himself would like used on his penis during fellatio. Simultaneously, he inserts his finger abut two fingers widths deep into her vagina and curls his finger upward to simulate her G-spot. This combination is absolutely mind-boggling for the woman - not to mention a major turn-on for her lower to give her such pleasure!

"Mandarin Ducks Entwined"
This is a side-by-side position, excellent for relaxed sex, rear entry, anal play, and other assorted pleasures. The woman may tuck her legs up or take her flexed outer leg and place it back over the man. He is then free to hold her log open, allowing him to penetrate her deeply and giving him easy access to her clitoris.

"The Yin/Yang Communion"
The woman sits facing her partner in his lap and straddles his erect penis, allowing it to penetrate her deeply. This position is ideal for extremely deep penetration and passionate kissing, as well as feeling of complete oneness. A variation of this is with the couple sitting on the floor or bed while the woman wraps her legs around the man as he supports her back or waist.

"The Peach Blossom"

The woman lies on her back and raises her legs up toward her head. Her man then penetrate her as she brings her legs to rest on his shoulders. He is then free to take either one or both of her legs as they move together with his thrusts. This is one of the position that allows them woman to stimulate her own clitoris using her favourite touch and bring herself quickly to orgasm. This is a huge turn-on for her partner, who is above her enjoying her pleasure.

"The Little Stream"

(Also called the "diving fish.") The man lies on his back with his legs together and extended out straight. The woman mounts him and sits atop his tights facing him. As she rests her weight on her knees and legs, she bends her legs and extends them along side of his. She then moves her buttocks forward, gradually allowing the head of his penis to penetrate her. The trick of this technique consists of allowing only shallow penetrations, which the woman controls in whatever way she wants. This teases her man's "jade stem,' and results in a powerful orgasm for him.

"The Valley Proper"

(Also called "silkworm spins her cocoon.") The woman wraps her legs around her partner's waist in the male superior position. As she pulls him closely to her she tucks him between her arms and legs as if enveloping him into a deep valley. She can then take the lead and move their fused pelvises in any manner she pleases.

"The Deep Chamber"

The woman lies on her back with her knees positioned up and over her breast. Her partner kneels over her and penetrates her, gently holding her legs back with both hands. He uses his penis to thrust into her, withdraws and allow it to slide over her clitoris, then inserts it again. He continues this until she reaches orgasm.

"The Inner Door"

The woman lies face down while her man holds her legs, He penetrates her from behind as she raises her buttocks to enjoy the sensations on her labia. She tightens her vaginal muscles as he penetrates her and relaxes as he withdraws.

"The North Pole"

(Also called the "pair of flying ducks" position.) The woman sits backwards straddling her man's erect penis. She is then in a position to gently cup the man's testicles or simulate him anally. Not only can her partner relax and enjoy himself fully, but he also has an erotic view of her beautiful back, buttocks, and waist curves.

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